ChimeraXR Project Atlas

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ChimeraXR can deliver the most advanced, flexible and realistic tactical virtual reality training system in North America. It can be used to train hyper-realistic scenarios of environments not typically accessible to first responders for training.

This system focuses on de-escalation training including verbals and recognition of pre-assault indicators.

  • Each unit contains:
    • Includes 3 Vive Pro Eye headsets with wireless adaptors and interchangeable batteries to enable 6 hours of constant use
    • 1 Year full replacement warranty & service agreements
    • Full body tracking
    • Workstation and monitor
    • End user course including train the trainer (3 days - in person)
    • Weapons and use of force options are separate 
    • Includes 1st year subscription to software updates
  • Volume discounts available: $55,000 for 4-6 units; $50,000 for 7+ units.


Weapons and use of force options for Project Atlas

  • Rifle: $5,500 
  • Pistol: $3,500
  • TASER: $1,600
  • Shotgun: $3,200
  • OC Spray: $1,400
  • Full-time operator onsite $160,000
  • Extended warranty $26,000 per year, after the first year includes full replacement of any hardware required


Part Number: 999000000002


DUNS: 204268283