Welcome to the future of training. 
 ChimeraXR Mythos is a modern, realistic and
immersive tactical training system.


Any environment can be task-tailored and created in virtual reality (VR). The scenarios are immersive because the nature of VR means you are enveloped in the virtual world, which your brain cannot consistently differentiate from the real world. 


This system can be set up in as little as two minutes, allowing you to train anywhere, anytime. It can be used in areas big or small, with simple adjustments. 


The scenario creation tool is drag-and-drop, easy to use and
puts the power in your hands to make any training goal a reality. 
The flexibility of projectile-free simulation creates a safe-to-fail
environment for students to learn in. 


Our rifle system allows you to use your existing service rifle upper receiver with our patented lower receiver. This means you can safely train with realism and precision.
ChimeraXR Mythos – A Superior Training Experience
  •  Infinite training progression anywhere, anytime

  •  Centrifuge VCQB ® approved training device

  •  COVID-19-compliant virtual training with physical element

  •  Revolutionary teaching tool with Ghost Mode ® 

  •  Set-up and teardown times are reduced to minutes

  •  Compatible with further technology developments

  •  Perfect for priming, sustaining or rehearsing skills and drills for tactical applications like CQB, VCQB or active threat attacks

Cost effective, accessible simulation
  •  System costs 10X less than screen simulation (When comparing the cost of 2 Mythos systems against the average cost of a 300 degree system, estimated at $250k USD)

  •  No supervision, train-the-trainer or administrator required to use

  •  Remote training reducing travel costs

  •  Ability to push out updates and training programs nationally without travel restriction