1. What firearms or use of force tools can be used with this tactical VR training system?

A: Currently we have M4/AR-15 type service rifles, Glock and Sig Sauer service pistols as well as less lethal tools. Any firearms or use of force tools not listed can be adapted to the system on request. 

2. What kind of headset does the system come with?

A: Oculus Quest 2, but we can provide any headset you would prefer.

3. What about motion sickness and VR?

A: Less than 1% of the population experiences motion sickness in virtual reality. We find most people that do experience it can acclimatize and have no motion sickness after 10-15 minutes of use. There are also specific features like teleportation which are recommended to help ensure motion sickness does not happen. 

4. How long does the headset battery last?

A: The Oculus Quest 2 can run about 2 hours of constant use on a full charge. There are also battery extensions available to get up to 9 hours of use per charge.

5. Do I need to have a computer or set up base stations for the system to work? 

A: No. The system is self-sufficient and can be run completely from the headset. A computer can be provided for increased capabilities.

6. Can I use the simulated firearms with live ammo? 

A: No. All of our simulated firearms are permanently converted not be capable of firing a projectile. 

7. Do I need the internet to run the system?

A: No. It's useful however, in order to cast the image of the headset to external monitors with the standalone system. The PCVR version of our system does not require the internet to cast this image to another screen. Internet is required, of course, if you need to train in multi user configurations either via local area network (Wi-Fi) or internet networking. 

8. Can you help with procurement? 

A. Yes, our operations team will help you with grant applications and business cases to help facilitate purchase. 

9. How can I learn more? 

A. Contact Us to attend a virtual demo hosted weekly. 

10. Do you really allow testing for free before purchase? 

A. We are committed to our first responders and accept the value of testing and evaluating training kit before you use it in your department. It may take time to get you a demo kit and your patience is appreciated as we try to service every request.

 11. Is there a capability to use verbal commands in the system? 

A: The user can give verbal commands to subjects in VR and a change in behavior can be delivered. 

12. How many users can be in the same scenario or drill?

A: Our system has the technical ability to support up to 40 users at once. 

13. Am I able to make my own scenarios or drills? What kinds of controls do instructors have over scenarios in progress?

A: Yes you are able to create your own scenarios or drills, with thousands of possible variations between targets, AI and objects. At the moment the system is set up for 'fire and forget', as in you can set the behaviours prior to starting the drill or scenario and they will be set for the duration. We are developing a 'branching' or mid-scenario control option for de-escalation purposes. 

14. Are de-escalation scenarios available?

A: Yes! De-escalation scenarios exist for all of the major critical incidents law enforcement face today, including domestic violence, suicidal subjects, traffic stops and more. 

15. Are there accurate ballistics in terms of bullet drop involved? 

A: We have worked hard to ensure the simulation is accurate to real ballistics, including verifying our system's capabilities with agency data like the FBI's Ballistic Research Facility data set. It's core to our responsibility to our users that the details that matter are taken seriously. To that end, we are continuously improving and adding details about ballistics and different types of munitions that can be used. 


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