Contact Us And How To Get A Demo Unit

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with our product team.

Once we're through the first round of demo units, we'll set another round. Stay tuned.

We understand the importance of being able to touch and experience the immersion of this training system before purchasing.

We will offer in-person and virtual demonstrations going forward.

Limited to law enforcement, military and educational institutions only.

Please use a government or agency email to register.

We do not charge for this experience not even shipping. We do ask for some information upfront so that we can enable you to meet your training goals.  

Each Demo experience will consist of:

- One ChimeraXR Mythos units 

- 60min How-to lesson with our On-boarding team to ensure the unit is operable and you can utilize the features

- Follow up progress check in with one of our training experts

- Self-paced videos, instruction manuals and pre-loaded drills

 Email for a direct consultation.