ChimeraXR Project Mythos

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Project Mythos is a revolutionary virtual reality training system that's modern, mobile and cost effective. 

The immersive training experience will have you and your students training in minutes anywhere your agency is located. Quick to setup and easy to use, anyone can build and edit the drills and scenarios required for training.  

Each kit comes complete with:

- Oculus Quest 2 Headset 128 GB 

- Simulated pistol (Glock or Sig)
- Administrative Controller (for scenario creation)
- Hard case
- Casting tablet
- Instruction manuals and tools
- Software and service/support for 1 year

- Full repair/replacement included for 1 year

Download the features list HERE

After the first year, a maintenance and support subscription of $2,000 USD/system per year is required, which includes all software upgrades, bugs, fixes, patches and new training assets. Our M&S subscription also offers a discount of 25% on any repairs or replacements.

To get on the demo list or for payment processing in other currencies (CAD or GBP), please contact us.

Please contact us for details. 

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